About Face Of Dee

Face Of Dee  was Founded in Beirut LEBANON on June 7, 2018 by Dareen T. El Samarany 

As a high quality Makeup and Cosmetics brands , Face Of Dee aims to offer the latest trends & needs to makeup lovers.

Dareen, the lady behind the brand has more than 10 years experience in the Business Management field.

Holder Of 2 Master Degrees and a hard worker who always found she can do more and wanted to reach higher targets .

As an employee in a Privately Owned Oil and Gas company, Dareen felt the urge to take on a new challenge .

That’s when she decided to found Face Of Dee, a heaven she dreamt of .

Her passion for beauty, elegance and work Independence made her take the decision and start this challenge.

Dareen always wanted to be her OWN BOSS and that’s what she became .